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It's Christmas time again and the toy department at Lacy's is selling more merchandise than its chief competitor, Tidewater's Toys. The main reason for this explosion of sales is Elmer Ellsworth, Lacy's holiday Santa Claus.

Before Elmer was hired for last year's Christmas season, Lacy's toy receipts were so bad that the store was ready to stop selling toys altogether. Now, business is booming because Elmer makes Santa come alive to young and old alike. In a daily ritual, kids hug Santa and mothers five him kisses as photos are taken for Christmas albums.


But, in the midst of parents and children lined up to tell the jolly ol' elf all about their wish lists, Elmer stands up, utters a faint, "ho, ho, ho," and falls to the floor in front of his chair. He is dead. Someone has done in the department store Santa before he could grant everyone's wishes.


Who would put the ice on the iconic idol? What could Santa have done to elicit such a raucous response? And, how would the authorities go about determining what happened to the holiday mirthmaker? It would require a team of seasonal sleuths to lambaste the lies and come up with a killer.

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