Train Murder Mystery

  Murder on the Petulant Express
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8 Prime Suspects - can accommodate up to 80

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The Plot

Train Murder Mystery Party: Murder Mystery Party GameIt was one of the marvels of 1937, the new streamlined train owned by industrial giant Peter Petulant came to be known as "The Petulant Express." The train's regular journey between New York City and Chicago constantly attracted a passenger list of the rich and famous.

And, on this particular journey, they all seemed, by temperament, to be irritated and angry. Petulant himself was a passenger on the noteworthy trek, occupying his plush Presidential Car.

But, last night after a stop in Akron, Ohio, someone made a permanent alteration to the industrialist's career. For his body was found early this morning in his private car by a porter delivering his breakfast tray.

Still holding a crystal champagne glass and with his solid silver cigarette case in the pocket of his robe, Petulant appeared to have died without a struggle, the victim of an unexpected attack.

With a world poised on the brink of war, who would dare trounce a titan of technology, especially one with the foresight and connections of Petulant? And where would the trail lead that would eventually end up at the feet of a killer? Only effective sleuthing and expert investigative skills would dictate the answers.


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The Suspects


Kid Root
Baseball player. The "Buddha of Baseball" was recently traded from the New York Taxis to the Chicago Wet Sox. 

Franz Fassmacher
Bavarian Brewer. His special lagers have made him a worldwide force in the brewing industry.

Christine Agatha
English mystery writer. No one knows where she gets the scenarios for her best-selling whodunits. Sometimes she personally tests the accuracy of her plots.

Thurm Stroman
Southern senator. His patriotism dictates all of his actions. Who knows what he'll do when his nation is threatened? 

Tonya Fennie
Norwegian figure skater. She won a gold medal at last year's Olympics and is rumored to have signed a movie contract.

Dingo Dugan
Australian crocodile hunter. Every zoo in America is vying for his services. Some people say his personality has been influenced by his favorite reptile.

Arianna Altamonte
Italian opera singer. No one can hit a high note in quite the same way she can.

Francine Cooper
Fashion designer. Her fashions receive rave reviews around the world. The new fall line is ready to be unveiled.

You'll get everything you need, including . . .
  • Complete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of Peter Petulant's murder.
  • Roles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the murder.
  • An invitation to the mystery party investigating the murder.
  • The morning edition of The Akron Peek-in Journal, the local newspaper, with the story of Petulant's death. (Remember: the investigation takes place on the day Peter Petulant's body was discovered.)
  • Instructions for the chief inspector, and a letter explaining the investigation.
  • A series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed.
  • Key supporting information such as a police reports.
  • "The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.
Photo and Testimonial of Murder Mystery Party hosted by customers.
Louisiana Murder Mystery Party: Murder on the Petulant Express
My party was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Everyone was excited about the dinner. It was the talk of all of our jobs. The pictures were shared and passed around. We will talk about this night for years to come. Thanks for this lovely night!!!

Linda Hebert
Belle Chasse, Louisiana

  order golf murder mystery party dinner game kit

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