Hawaiian Luau Mystery

  Hulas and Homicide
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8 Prime Suspects - can accommodate up to 80

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The Plot

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Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Party Kit: Hulas and HomicideShe was known as the Hula Honcho. Winnie Waheli was the head judge at the annual hula contest on Kikiwai Beach. Once regarded as the most-accomplished dancer in all of Hawaii, Winnie's career abruptly ended two decades ago when one of her more strenuous moves produced a recurring medical problem that prevented her from ever competing again professionally.


That's when she was hired by the Kikiwai Queen Hotel to organize and orchestrate the hula event. Each year, Winnie made a point of meeting the competitors and talking to the press, all the while ensuring that she was the center of attention. 

Tonight would have been the night that Winnie and this year's hula extravaganza would once again make headlines. But all is not well in paradise, for someone must have taken exception to Winnie's overbearing antics. This morning, her lifeless body was found on the very beach where she had achieved both fame and fortune, the seeming victim of foul play.  

Who would dare end the career of the maven of movement? Could someone have plotted the death of the darling of divatude? Or, was this just the result of a temper tantrum by a close associate? It would take a unique perspective and expert investigative skills to identify the guilty party.


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The Suspects


Mitch Awave - Aging surfer
In his quest to find the ultimate wave, he discovered Kikiwai Beach any years ago. Because of the hula competition, he has to worry about bumping into people while hanging ten.

Leia Lailani - Champion hula dancer
She has won the competition for the last five years. She knows the advantages of being in Winnie's good graces.

Pono Pahu - Drummer
His rumbling rhythms provide the perfect backdrop for the gyrating gestures of the deliberate dancers.

Hanna Hobart - Amateur hula champion
Even though she was raised in New England, Hanna has been getting rave reviews for her interpretation of traditional island dances. Some people say only Hawaiians should be hula dancers.

Norm Room - Owner of the Kikiwai Queen Hotel
He makes a lot of money during the competition. If Winnie ever decided to move the hula contest to another hotel, he could lose a ton of profits. 

Minnie Molawi - Chief assistant judge
For the past ten years, Minnie has been a judge at the contest. She knows a lot about Winnie - even more than she cares to know. 

Mort Barks - Emcee of the event
When he sings "There she is, this our hula gal," it brings a tear to everyone's eye. Could Winnie really be insisting that he be replaced?

Flora Fauna - Florist
For years, she's been providing the flowers and the leis for the contest. It wasn't her fault that this year's arrangements dipped and drooped.

You'll get everything you need, including . . .
  • Complete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of Winnie Waheli's death.
  • Roles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the murder.
  • An invitation to the mystery party.
  • The morning edition of The Grass Skirt, the local newspaper.
  • Instructions for the facilitator, and a letter from the police chief explaining the investigation.
  • A series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed.
  • Key supporting information.
  • "The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.
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Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Theatre Cast Members
About Town Tours' ComeSolveIt-Charlotte Players performed "Hulas and Homicide" to a sell-out crowd.  Everyone had a blast. Your mysteries are real crowd-pleasers and the guests totally enjoy attempting to solve the case.

Della Freedman
Charlotte, North Carolina

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