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    Betting on Death
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6 Prime Suspects - can accommodate up to 60

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The Plot

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Las Vegas Murder Mystery Party Kit: Betting on DeathEveryone simply knew him as "Harold,"
one of the many street people who wandered through Las Vegas near the casinos. He was seemingly a harmless, homeless person who elicited a smile and a muffled laugh whenever he was around – or so people thought.

No one would ever have imagined what would be found when he met an untimely end, hit by a speeding sportscar in front of the Labachio Hotel and Casino while a shocked entourage of erstwhile pseudo-entrepreneurs looked on in disbelief.

That’s when the preconceived perceptions of Harold went through a traumatic transformation. For, as police investigated, they discovered that “looks are deceiving,” and that Harold was more than a mere avenue adventurer.

Who was Harold and why did he adopt his dilatory disguise? What was he looking for as he wandered waywardly in the wind? And, was his death an accident, or a premeditated plot that would have unexpected repercussions? Only expert sleuthing would produce a winning hand, solve the case and break the bank at the casino.

The Suspects


Preston Ellis - Elvis impersonator.
His dulcet tones perfectly mimic “The King.” His jumpsuits are showing the strain of a few extra pounds.

Mitsy Monroe - Aging showgirl.
Her portrait used to grace the billboards in front of the Labachio Hotel and Casino. Lately, she’s been choreographing the shows around the corner and down the block at Fanny’s Show Lounge.

“Wild Bill” Billions - Poker player.
He wrote the book “Bet Billions,” and had been a consistent Texas Hold ‘Em champion – until recently.

Debra Down - Blackjack dealer.
She knows that a lot of the people who hang around casinos aren’t who they appear to be.

Jess Pawnit - Pawn shop owner.
He’s always amazed at what people bring into his shop just to get a few dollars for gambling at the casinos.

Lisa Ride - Limo owner and driver. She’s been behind the wheel for many rich and prominent people, and knows that “What happens with Lisa, stays with Lisa.”

You'll get everything you need, including . .
  • Complete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of Harold's murder.
  • Roles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the murder.
  • An invitation to the mystery party investigating the murder of Holin Wunn.
  • The morning edition of The Sin City Sizzle, the local newsletter, with the story of Harold's death. (Remember: the investigation takes place on the day after Harold died.)
  • Instructions for the chief inspector, and a letter explaining the investigation.
  • A series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed.
  • Key supporting information.
  • "The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.
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It worked perfectly.  The way your programs are designed is brilliant and easy to execute!  Thanks so much.

Lisa McDonald, General Manager
The Buttery Restaurant
Lewes, Delaware

  Order Las Vegas murder mystery party dinner game kit

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