All-Woman Mystery

  Death Bemoans Her
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10 Prime Suspects - can accommodate up to 100

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The Plot

All-Woman Murder Mystery Party Kit: Death Bemoans HerIt's the quarterly meeting of the Gazillionaire Girls Group, an exclusive club whose membership is comprised of successful women - all of whom made it big without relying upon the other gender. The hostess for this unique gathering is Bertha Brothert, the entertainment guru whose upscale line of products appeals to the nouveau riche. 

Brothert's yacht, "The Perfection," is the scene of the meeting and a special guest is present to both entertain the Group's members and to  predict their futures. Famed fortuneteller, Madame Magda, pulls out her crystal ball and tells the assembled clique of distinguished daughters of destiny that many good things await them.

Suddenly, though, a shocked expression crosses the mystic's face as she shudders in horror. The crystal ball, she proclaims, is emphatic in predicting that someone will soon die.

The next morning, true to her words, the body of one of the women is found floating nearby the yacht. After investigating the incident, police quickly determine that  evidence points toward homicide. Someone's career has been suddenly and permanently halted by a killer.




pen for notes on murder mystery party suspects

The Suspects
One of these women will die. You'll have to buy the kit to find out which one.


Bertha Brothert 
Founder and Chairwoman of Bertha Brothert Enterprises. Through grit and determination, she built a successful business empire. Some say insider trading had a lot to do with it. 

Madame Magda  
Fortuneteller to the rich and famous. Her predictions have proven to be extremely accurate, often deadly accurate.

Anita Parr 
Professional golfer. Her dominant performances on the Women's Golf Association tour mean that she is now entering men's tournaments.

Cher Kolate 
Candy heiress. Her family made its fortune in sweets - a word that's never been used to describe Cher

Kay Ponworkin 
President of Girl Power Employment Agency. Over the years, she's made and broken a lot of promising careers.

Stella Story 
Writer of children's books. Her Mary Wotter books have taken Stella from life in a row house to international fame.

Penny Holdem 
Professional poker player. She won a ton of money at last year's Poker World Series. 

Pette Bittler 
Singer and actress. Her spectacular show, "Clams on the Half Shell," has received rave reviews.

Rita von Sueman 
Trial lawyer extraordinaire. She's been on the winning side of some of the most famous cases ever litigated in America

Belle Rider 
Cowgirl and rodeo star. She rides bulls and busts broncos with the best of them. A Hollywood studio is completing a movie about her life

Captain Cora Agees 
The skipper of "The Perfection
." She's been around the world and can tell stories that would make a sailor blush.

You'll get everything you need, including . . .
  • Complete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of the murder. Remember: The body of the victim was found early on the morning of your investigation.

    Your guests will be assembling to remember the deceased and to give their recollections of what happened. An account in The Pall Street Journal, a local newspaper, will describe the events through the eyes of suspects, reporters and police.

  • Roles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the murder.
  • An invitation to the mystery party investigating the murder.
  • The morning edition of The Akron Peek-in Journal, the local newspaper, with the story of Petulant's death. (Remember: the investigation takes place on the day Peter Petulant's body was discovered.)
  • Instructions for a Chief Inspector on how to facilitate the investigation. (With only 10 people, one of the suspects can do this.)  
  • A series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed.
  • Key supporting information such as a police reports.
  • "The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.
Photo and Testimonial of Murder Mystery Party hosted by customers.
All-Woman Murder Mystery Party in Canada.The girls and I had an excellent evening with 'Death Bemoans Her'. It was a lot of fun planning costume, meal ideas, and just learning characters. All evening I received nothing but positive feedback.  The mystery itself was very well done and not too difficult as we had two groups successfully figure out the who the murderer was. Thank you so much for making our party successful!

Mona Dakin
Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada

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